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Archive pour septembre 2005

Learning to be a Notes developer the hard way

By now, you may know I’ve had my first Notes application actually deployed on our internal network, for my colleagues in Techline to help them manage the steady flow of incoming RFP requests from Sales Reps, Partners and Clients. What you may not know is that yours truly has had a crash course in what…

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Removing old fields from Notes applications

How many times have I tried to follow the documentation’s instructions, only to fail miserably and make do with’em. I’m talking about all those old unused field names, of course, which seem to want to stay around forever when you reuse an existing application as the basis for a new one. Well, not anymore… From…

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Looking at my domain stats

I’ve jus downloaded a web analyzer tool to take a closer look at my web stats. Not much surprise, except for the following discoveries: United States visitorship explains most of the growth and traffic (85%), while Canada is stable (10%)… (I’m Canadian, snif…) Bloglines accounts for most of the visitors (1,027), with Microsoft in 2nd…

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It’s Project Crunch Time

There are so many things besides answering pre-sales questions we do that sometimes it gets mind-numbing trying to track every take-away you owe to everyone on everything. [takes a deep breath] Over the course of this week, I’ll be trying to finalize the RFP tracking application I’ve built for the coordinators across the Software Techline…

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Time to look at the stats once again

Well, after running my domain name from a hosted server, as opposed to my onw linux box, things are looking good, statistics-wise. The last time I shared them, I was still running this WordPress blog off a Thinkpad on my broadband modem. At that time, there was a steady progression in terms of the total…

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