Sound familiar?

You’re working hard, managing multiple todo lists, checking your notes from your wiki/blog/cms/ when all of a sudden, you’re finding that nothing get done anymore, or at an absurdly slow pace.

I’ve found a little trick lately that’s helped me get more done, as it tells me where to focus my efforts, in a very simple and efficient manner. It doesn’t have a name. It’s a simple 3×3 grid, that looks like this:

TodayAnswer RFP for client XYZPlan studies for WAS Certification
Plan studies for Lotus Certification
This WeekFinish year-end reportVerify linux installation on T23
Before Dec.31Finishing touches to RFPtrackStudy for LPI certificationWork on internal Wikis

With this simple table, I’ve been able to finally get a grip on my end-of-year todos, and start taking away stuff quicker. As new work piles up, i simply add a line item in the corresponding box, and keep working on things, working my way from the top left-most box (Today – Working) toward the right and/or the bottom.

I hope some of you find this useful, I know it helps me.

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