How to plan your todos when there’s just too many of them…

Sound familiar?

You’re working hard, managing multiple todo lists, checking your notes from your wiki/blog/cms/ when all of a sudden, you’re finding that nothing get done anymore, or at an absurdly slow pace.

I’ve found a little trick lately that’s helped me get more done, as it tells me where to focus my efforts, in a very simple and efficient manner. It doesn’t have a name. It’s a simple 3×3 grid, that looks like this:

Work Education Exploration
Today Answer RFP for client XYZ Plan studies for WAS Certification
Plan studies for Lotus Certification
This Week Finish year-end report Verify linux installation on T23
Before Dec.31 Finishing touches to RFPtrack Study for LPI certification Work on internal Wikis

With this simple table, I’ve been able to finally get a grip on my end-of-year todos, and start taking away stuff quicker. As new work piles up, i simply add a line item in the corresponding box, and keep working on things, working my way from the top left-most box (Today – Working) toward the right and/or the bottom.

I hope some of you find this useful, I know it helps me.

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