Finally certified on WebSphere Application Server


  • Many years of learning, selling and support the product
  • Countless nights studying redbooks and the InfoCenter
  • Many go at the exam

I finally passed!

I am now officially an IBM Certified System Administrator – WebSphere Application Server V5! And it was tough.

Don’t let anyone tell you multiple choice questions are easy – they are tricky and frankly, I found they asked many questions that I would treat as non-necessary for an administrator in their every day job. Why ask the useless obscure, when the intent is to certify that one can actually administer WAS and not know what will happen once in a blue moon?

That being said, I can tell you that anyone that can pass that exam has definitely not winged it. I read the equivalent of 3,000 pages in the last 2 months to prepare, and I still found it tough. But it’s done now, another checkmark to my education plan and another paper to hang on the wall.

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