Treo 650 on order

Well, after months of drooling over the thing, I finally had a good reason to make the move; my Sony Clie T665C is hardly usable anymore, due to the wear and tear it received over the 3.5 years I’ve had it. The writing area is pretty much non-responsive, the digitizer keeps losing focus and running the latest versions of anything is becoming an exercise in patience.

Sure, I could use the bundled apps, but who does that. Maybe dropping it a few weeks ago did make some internal damage after all. But all in all, I’m surprised how well the unit is put together – judos to Sony’s engineers, for making a gadget that lasted this long.

And I’m no occasional user. I had the Clie with me literally every day: for personal and business use and travelling all over the place. It got used as an MP3 player, PDA and remote control every chance I got…

The Treo 650 will be quite welcome, as I don’t think I can survive very long without knowing I have my life information on me all the time. And the addition of the phone, camera, camcorder and a bigger storage (my 1Gb SD/MMC is already on order) card will surely help make it a fun discovery process.

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