Starting the wiki – for real!

Well, after months of having one installed, launching the front page every 2nd day and thinking of how I would start, I decided to just start writing – anything – to start getting content in there.

There’ll be lots ot trial-and-error, I’m sure, but I’m thinking it’ll probably become a great reference for all the jargon I use on my blog. Either that, or it’ll crash and brun and I’ll just delete it off my hosted webspace… My first task is to start transferring some of the info I currently have sitting in spreadsheets and other *cough* proprietary file formats. I’ll start doing that over the course of the next few weeks, so there should be some stuff available soon. What’s another week anyway, at the point I’m at…

Oh, and this *is* a wiki, so if I screw something up – feel free to edit it out. Naturally.

P.S. BTW, if anyone knows a repository for MediaWiki skins, that’d be great. Googled for it, to no avail…

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