New Year Resolutions

For New Year’s resolutions, like anything else, if you can’t track your progress, how can you tell once you’ve succeeded? I thought it would be nice to have some record of how good I was in honoring my commitments (no I won’t tell what they are…) and figured the only way this was gonna fly was if it was in my Palm. I carry that sucker everywhere, it’s got all I need to function and so began my search for some kind of list/database I could use to track my progress.

My criterias weren’t many: it would have to support Palm OS 4.1 and be opensource or freeware. Well, Pilot-DB fits those criterias and performs very well. It’s simple to operate and I was able to create a simplistic database in 2-3 minutes, so I could track my stuff. Now the form design is nothing to write home about, but they, it works, and it’s fast. What more could you ask for from free software?

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