Time to look at the stats once again

Well, after running my domain name from a hosted server, as opposed to my onw linux box, things are looking good, statistics-wise. The last time I shared them, I was still running this WordPress blog off a Thinkpad on my broadband modem.

At that time, there was a steady progression in terms of the total # of visits:

  • April: 14
  • May: 81
  • June: 689

The switch happened in June, and so that month will show in the Webalizer stats (the previous set was from awstats). I’m hoping that visits mean the same thing for both stats engine, but here are the numbers:

  • June: 649
  • July: 2,686
  • August: 3,800
  • September: 5,563 (with one week to go, should hit 7,300 approx.)

Oct.1 Update: Seems like I hit 8,200 visits after all – I was never really good at forecasting anyway

I believe that’s something like 250% CMGR (Compounded Monthly Growth Rate). I can live with those numbers 🙂

Wow! I’m happy and surprised. That the numbers would climb to where they are, that people would take the time to leave comments, that some would make me part of their daily reading routine. That’s very flattering. I’ve read that what’s important is not the number of people who read you, but that the right people get to read your blog. They’re the influencers, they’re the target audience as they get what you’re saying, and can make use of the content in their own lives.

And that’s what counts for me: to be able to give back and help others with my insights or tips, the same way I’ve been fortunate to learn from others before (and still do all the time).

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