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Well, like many others, I’ve been really bogged down by the frequent power outages of I’d been looking for an alternative on SourceForge, but to no avail. Then, I discovered Scuttle earlier today, installed it, imported my feed and killed my account ther, just like I did for Google.

The Scuttle user interface is very nice, simple and best of all, it supports most of the API calls. So changing my blog template to read its RSS feed was a simple matter of pointing it to my new install, on My bookmarks now reside at – and the install took all of 5 minutes!

I even have a Firefox extension to ease the bookmarking process: Scuttlelicious

I have now been able to kill one more external dependency and bring it back into the fold of my own domain, which gives me way more control, and provides automated backups for my info – a plus considering the number of people who lost info in the recent outages.

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