Tivoli CDP is here!

One of the trade magazines I get for free is eWeek. I consider this light reading, and as such, often read it weeks after it’s arrived home. Bu to my great surprise, one of the first article in the last edition was about Tivoli Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for Files. And a very positive review at that!

But they were preaching to the choir – I’m a happy user already. Of course, I noticed the different version # and went ahead to upgrade right away – I like to keep my stuff up to date. This minor update is more about providing administrators additional capabilities, secure access rights and provide sub-file backup for larger files. The most interesting feature, from my point of view, is that the browser console now shows how much space you’re using on your remote drives.

I also noticed right after upgrading that the header of the web page was showing me a countdown for the 30-day trial period. I think that’s a nice touch, even though it’d be better if it was free altogether, right? After seeing that, I of course went to download the IBM internal version, which isn’t time-bombed… hehe

Update: As I was writing this and wanted to add a screenshot, I noticed the scheduled backup was running. Didn’t even feel a thing. The new version seems to have throttling included to prevent unusual slowdowns while the system is in use.

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