So I lied – I can’t *not* change my website

Yeah. I’m like that. I thought I could go for a good 6 months without updating the look/feel of the blog and the rest of my personal domain applications, but hey, there’s so much going on. Frankly, I’m hooked – why deny it.

The things I’ve done to this blog are minor this time around, really:

  • Changed from Jerome’s Keywords Plugin to the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin
  • Added a tag cloud in the sidebar
  • Removed the categories in the sidebar (the 1st category didn’t work, don’t know why, but I decided not to troubleshoot, since the archives page is so much better anyway)
  • Removed the Popularity plugin (it was causing errors on the archives page, and the calculations weren’t working anymore)
  • Reduced to 5 the # of posts on the homepage (to speed up loading)

You, see I achieved 2 things with the changes above: I reduced the manual coding I need to worry about, and I sped up the loading of the homepage by a second or two (which is always nice). Of course, if you’re reading this through RSS, you don’t really care. But some people like to look at the pretty html sometimes…

À propos de Jean-Francois

Je gère des entreprise Web, je suis photographe à mes heures et skipper de mon voilier lorsqu'en vacance!