Funny how running untethered to a CAT5 cable can really opens up possibilities.

After only a few hours yesterday of installing my shiny new wireless router, I could connect to my work VPN from downstairs while watching the kids, change stuff on my OS X box using SSH and modify a file or two off my internet domain using FTP – all from the comfort of my basement. Niiiice.

I then logged to my iMac using a VNC connection and change the settings on iTunes to share music, that I could listen to my tracks from anywhere using iTunes on my laptop (I don’t have a single MP3 on my Thinkpad…)

Finally, my daughter and I watched a DIVx movie (I ripped all her DVDs so we could take them on vacation with us on a HDD) streaming from the external Firewire drive attached to to my iMac upstairs. There were a few hiccups in the stream, but overall, the benefits outweight the negatives, for sure. I’m now considering purchasing a 802.11g PC Card, as my Thinkpad only has an 11b card, and I think the speed would be greatly increased, from 11Mbps to 54Mbps…

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