WebSphere Application Server History

I’ve been working on this document for a few weeks now, and I’ve finally nailed the format today. It’s brief (around 20 pages, but well spaced), to the point and acts as an index table at the same time. I’m basically creating an overview of WebSphere Application Server since Version 1.0, in 1998.

This document will probably see some mileage internally due to the RFPs constantly asking for the history of our product. I’ve also created weblinks to the all the official IBM Announcement Letters on our external website (the PDF version), so someone wanting more details can simply click to get the goods. I’ll sanitize it and will probably release it on my wiki as a Word or PDF attachment.

Since all the content is publicly available information, there’s no reason to keep it to IBMers only… everyone should enjoy the trip down memory lane!

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