Google is history for me

I believe Google’s quality has somewhat eroded in my view:

  • Google Analytics is slow, never really worked well for my hosted blogs and the fact my domain’s root was empty
  • Google Local does a pretty poor job for Montreal, my home city
  • Gmail‘s interface is something I couldn’t wrap my head around – why I’d want to keep everything forever is beyond me. Knowing Google can see my communications is down right freaky…
  • Google Alerts quickly became annoying
  • Google Groups is awkward, compared to good o’le NNTP
  • Google Reader – what a piece of junk
  • Google Earth has started screwing up with my video on my T41, blanking the screen constantly, forcing me to reboot
  • Google Talk is too basic for my needs

For all those reasons, I’ve done the seemingly unthinkable – I’ve deleted my Google account, with all the info it contained. And it feels great! It feels great because it’s one less email to worry about and all those saved braincycles can be put to better use for creative work.

I’m not completely off the Google train, I did keep Google Desktop and Picasa, and I still search using Google, although I wish it didn’t have so much crap filling in the first few pages, but I guess that’s to be expected when you’re the popular kid on the (search) block.

For 2006, I’ve decided on some pretty radical changes to minimize the complexity of my computing environment – this is the first step – remove the non-essential and frustrating aspects of computing…

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