Gallery2 installation is down

Great. Just great… I just realized I hosed my Gallery2 installation when playing around with my MySQL installation at my ISP.

Must have been when I dropped all those tables created by whatever PHP program I was installing – I think it was some KnowledgeTree – damn you, for not offering the ability to add prefixes when creating tables in MY database 🙁

Now, of course, I’ll have to investigate and figure out where exactly I screwed up. I’m getting this error message, if any kind soul can decrypt it for me:

Error (ERROR_STORAGE_FAILURE) : * in modules/core/classes/GalleryStorage/DatabaseStorage.class at line 1166 (gallerystatus::error) * in modules/core/classes/GalleryStorage.class at line 245 (mysqldatabasestorage::search) * in modules/core/classes/Gallery.class at line 223 (gallerystorage::search) * in modules/core/classes/helpers/GalleryPermissionHelper_simple.class at line 89 (gallery::search) * in modules/core/classes/GalleryCoreApi.class at line 412 (gallerypermissionhelper_simple::fetchaccesslistids) * in modules/core/classes/helpers/GalleryChildEntityHelper_simple.class at line 227 (gallerycoreapi::fetchaccesslistids) * in modules/core/classes/helpers/GalleryChildEntityHelper_simple.class at line 117 (gallerychildentityhelper_simple::_fetchchilditemids) * in modules/core/classes/GalleryCoreApi.class at line 2274 (gallerychildentityhelper_simple::fetchchilditemids) * in modules/core/classes/GalleryTheme.class at line 859 (gallerycoreapi::fetchchilditemids) * in modules/core/classes/GalleryView.class at line 285 (wordpresstheme::loadtemplate) * in main.php at line 287 (showitemview::doloadtemplate) * in main.php at line 87 * in main.php at line 80

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