My WordPress plugins – as little as possible

In line with my philosophy of less is more, here are the plugins I’ve deployed on my WordPress installation:

  • plugin: This now links to my scuttle installation, for all my web links. You can see this is my sidebar, under Bookmarks
  • Jerome’s Keywords: This not only adds Technorati tags to my posts, but suggests the most appropriate ones as I write a post (from the admin console, obviously) and also provides tag-based navigation for my blog (for example, You can see this in action under everyone of my posts.
  • Popularity Contest: This ranks all my posts based on their popularity, which is calculated from page views, comments and a number of other criteria. You can see this in my sidebar under the Last 30 Days section.

All these plugins are simple to use, but offer powerful capabilities which I haven’t even finisihed tapping into. Best of all, they are all WordPress 2.0 compliant.

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