Disabling «Get Mail» button

I’ve got a nasty habit of pressing the Get Mail button when I’m pretty certain that there aren’t any. Why I do it is beyond me. Because Lotus Notes lets me schedule the replication of my mail and other databases on a 7-day basis anyway. And I have. And it’s set to replicate every 15 minutes.

I wonder how many minutes of every day I can waste clicking that stupid button to satisfy my always-on mentality… And if you think it might be because I’ve got nothing better to do, you are SO wrong. This is why I need to get rid of this … fast!

Usually, there’s a QuickPick box on the extreme left. It’s gone now. So, in tune with trying to change some of my bad habits and keep my 2006 resolutions, I’ve removed the button from the toolbar altogether. Out of sight, out of mind. Wish me luck, as I start detox

Update: Merely seconds after I posted this, I switched to my Lotus Notes window, and the cursor went for the QuickPick area instantly… this is going to be harder than I thought…

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