My colleague Luis Suarez blogged about one of those try it once kinda web apps, called EgoSurf. Essentially, once you plug your name and domain name (what, you don’t have one?!?), it will go out and search all the familiar sites we know (Google, Technorati,, etc) and assign a point value to each appearance and ranking on those sites.

So I had to try it, of course 🙂

I scored 6,402, which I consider not bad at all. Of course, I have no way to compare, but at least, I register on the scale, which is good enough for me. They also provide badges to attach to your blog. Frankly, I’ll place it in this post, but I think I’ve got enough badges like this (4), and the No need to add the badge as it doesn’t show my original result anymore. And the dynamic stuff slows down the user experience anyway 😉

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