Simplifying my email experience

After canning my Gmail account, I decided to clean up my act and start using my domain -provided email capability more intelligently.

I re-installed Thunderbird on my Thinkpad and configured it to connect using the IMAP protocol. I did the same on my Mac, and enabled automatic synchonization, that way, any changes local or remote are always pushed out everywhere, and I can stay on top of email on any of my machines. My ISP even provides a webmail option, so I can use it while on the go.

I now have only two email addresses: my work (IBM) email and my email. Even better, I have created a number of aliases to support the various hats I wear to some people. So I can be webmaster, consulting or anything else I need, and still get all this stuff redirected to my main email.

À propos de Jean-Francois

Je gère des entreprise Web, je suis photographe à mes heures et skipper de mon voilier lorsqu'en vacance!