After 2 weeks, the Treo 650 still rocks

So I finally bought the Treo 650.

My Sony Clie T665C was getting unresponsive and frankly, with the recent applications, plain sluggish. I went from a Dragonball 66Mhz processor to a 312Mhz machine – and it shows. Apps fly, everything is instantaneous. The best part is really just having a single gadget that does everything you’d ever need: PDA, Phone, MP3 player, Camera and Camcorder. I looove it.

Of course, as soon as I placed the order for the Treo, I shopped online for the baddest SD/MMC card I could find. ended up having the best price, at $85 CAD for a Sandisk 1Gb 60X card – the one that can fold in two to reveal a USB2 connector – ahhh, universal connector for my data. Perfect!

And since it’s for personal use, and it’s syncing to my iMac, running OS X 10.4, I also upgraded MissincSync to 5.1 for $25 USD. Well worth it. It does everything you’d expect like syncing contacts/events/backup, but can also sync iTunes playlists as well as iPhoto albums. That just plain rocks!

Now, every time I sync, I get the month’s pictures on my phone automatically to show off to friends and family *and* it uploads my Treo pictures to iTunes so I can send them in emails and stuff. I think I’m in love all over again with Palm. Note to self: Get a faster Mac, with USB2 ports and BlueTooth…

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