Contributing to Wikipedia

Well, it had to happen one day… I finally signed up for a Wikipedia account last week. The reason? I didn’t feel like the entry on WebSphere did it justice. Now, before you treat me of WebSphere FanBoy, I didn’t rewrite the whole entry, I didn’t completely refactor it and I certainly didn’t make it into a blinking advertising billboard for IBM Software – I simply filled in the blanks, mostly pertaining to the history of WAS, since Version 1. I’ve even got all the WebSphere Application Server announcement letters on my HDD to prove that I did my research (If anyone’s interested, I’ve zipped them up for you to download (includes 46 PDF files covering all platforms).

Here’s the complete list of my edits, for anyone interested. I do plan to add more content as soon as I have a chance, and perhaps even create new entries, if I find a topic that’s of enough interest to the larger community. Again, I don’t see this as a PR stunt, but more a way to help people understand our complex portfolio. Not everyone likes to read a 50-page overview to get a grasp at something. I’m like that. Gimme the (very) short version. And the Wikipedia edits is my way to help.

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