Procrastination is so easy

Ok. I really REALLY need to be studying for my WebSphere exam. But with a laptop in hand and new stuff to try, who has time to study…

I’ve now installed a new way to connect my laptop to the IBM network and it seems to be pretty stable and as fast or faster than before. It uses WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager to do its magic. I also decided to check out Sourceforge for anything PHP I might not have noticed before.

I just finished adding PHPEclipse to my 3.1.1 installation. I just may end up deciding to code in PHP a little, given that there are so many projects, even within IBM, that are starting to look at PHP.

For creating/collaborating on creating family trees, PHPGedView looks nice – and seems to be multilingual to boot – a plus for my French-speaking family. KnowledgeTree looks really neat, and the UI shows a lot of polish and attention to detail.

I’ll be installing this one to facilitate sharing documents with family members and friends. It’s so much easier than trying to explain what F-T-P stands for and how to work it… That’s all the PHP goodies I can find for today 🙂

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