More VMware goodness

There is so much happening on the VMware front recently it’s difficult to keep up. My trick? I subscribe to a RSS feed for the word ‘VMware’ … simple and efficient. That being said, here are some news worthy of attention:

  • Here’s a PHP application to deploy on your website to let (potential) customers create, customize, order and access a VMware-powered machine you’ll have created for them
  • Some talks about VMware certification job market
  • Some have found ways to create VMware images with text editors and the VMware player alone

Me? I’ve created a WAS V6 image over the weekend as I wanted one that ran on RHEL 4.0, my new personal standard for creating images. But I didn’t play with it as I don’t want to get all confused, as I’m wrapping up my studies for my WAS V5 certification exam…

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