More spam attacks have me react

I’m not used to being a target of malware, since I’m running OS X at home and at work, Big Blue takes care of making my workstation pretty much full-proof automatically, even though it’s running on Win XP.

But my wiki, based on MediaWiki, has been the target of attacks every day for a week or so now. I figured I’d simply revert the changes when I see changes in the Recent Changes page, but now, it’s getting more work to rollback my stuff. I finally found a way to lock down the wiki, so that only registered users can make changes.

I hope that way, I still get the benefit of an open collaboration platform, while keeping away the bad guys. The next step is probably to upgrade to v1.5.x which offers more possibilities for dealing with this kind of stuff. Until then, I’ll keep monitoring through RSS any unwanted changes to my work.

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