Moving from Mambo to Joomla

While I have made the switch to WordPress for my business and family websites, a friend of mine is still using Mambo for her medical clinic because it’s the right fit for what she needs to provide to her customer base.

I had installed and configured the site a few months ago, and hadn’t really touched it since them, even though I knew the Joomla project was out. Since then, Joomla is at the 1.0.4 release, and most 1.0 bugs have probably been addressed by now (I hope), so I figured it was probably the right time to look at upgrading my friend’s installation.

Frankly, it was much less painful then I thought: I followed the instructions provided on the Joomla website, tried out the new version is a sub-directory, and once I was happy, simply over-wrote the existing install. I even discovered that the SimpleBoard component has been upgraded to JoomlaBoard 1.1 and that it was now completely tested and compatible with v1.0.4 of Joomla! Hooray!

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