Why change a good thing (RSS reader and blogging client)

Every few months, I go through the same routine of searching the internet for the latest and greatest RSS reader and blogging client, only to find that, to my dismay, things really haven’t changed that much.

I was lately taking FeedDemon for a spin, and though I liked the client and its simplicity, it was lacking something … a BlogThis capability.

Enter RSS Bandit (again). This open source RSS reader is relatively stable, frills-free, the interface is uncluttered (unlike Omea Reader, which I used before), and it support plugins which follow the iBlogExtension semi-official standard. RSS Bandit also picks up my feeds from Firefox, since I’ve installed the Feed Your Reader extension. This neat little extension substitute the use of Firefox’s Live Bookmarks for the RSS client you choose. Simple, it just works.

My current offline blogging client is wBloggar, and though I’ve tried numerous aternatives (Qumana, Ecto, etc), I keep coming back to wBloggar, because, well it’s the most polished offering out there, given my environment, which is Windows XP (non standard SP1, pre-SP2) and a WordPress -powered blog. So my setup is back to where it was about 6 months ago, with RSS Bandit picking up feeds from Firefox, and providing me a way to BlogThis with a right-click, which launches wBloggar, which in turn posts to my WordPress powered blog.

Ahhh, so much time wasted to get back to the same point.

One addition: the use of the JustBlogIt Firefox extension, so I can easily select and post to a blog of my choice.

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