Building Small Notes Apps

Yeah, I know, I should be building java-based applications, with my WebSphere job role and all… but writing java is hard!!!

Anyway, I’ve always been better at working the interface side of things (applications, websites, etc), so when I first encountered Lotus Notes Designer a few years back, it was love at first sight. I’ve always installed the Designer license since then, as it allowed me to play as well as create some small apps for my department.

Actually, just last week, I’ve been discussing with my team the deployment of a small application that lets us track the Request for Proposals (RFPs) we are working on, and provides a nice way to keep some (very) basic information about them.

My motto when creating small apps for myself or others is very simple: don’t re-invent the wheel and pretend like you’re selling this to someone who’s first thought will be «Not another application!»

With that in mind, my apps are usually well received, so long as I’ve given all the thought necessary to the business problem at hand. And I’ve impoved in this respect, asking for more feedback that I used to and … shock, disbelief… sometimes, even asking colleagues or … gasp… management, if it makes sense to even embark on a pet project.

Update: I haven’t yet genericized my Domino applications (I’ll do that as soon as I bring up my wiki online once again). In the meantime, should you be interested in a copy of the rfptrack.nsf file, send me an email or leave a comment with a trow-away email I can use. The database is about 1Mb in size.

P.S. I still have some Gmail invites to give out, if you’re in need.

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