Jumping on the Creative Commons bandwagon

After watching the parade, I’ve decided to update my blog with some legal disclaimers and rights.

Like writing a will, it’s always better to do it before getting into trouble, you’ll now notice the sidebar has now got the standard disclaimer for IBMers blogging (from the official IBM Blogging Guidelines). Since I talk about work from time to time, I felt it was time to make sure no one thought I was officially representing IBM (yeah, right) in any way…

As for Creative Commons, well, I guess I wanted to make it more official as to what people could do with what I have and will share on this blog (and the upcoming wiki), in terms of creative content as well as any applications/tools I may release out in the open.

The license I’ve chosen for CC is called Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. Essentially, it means that my work can’t be used for commercial purposes, but that anyone can use it and modify it as long as they redistribute the result with the same licenses as I. Of course, I’d like my work to be acknowledged, when re-used … ego-trip, I know.

À propos de Jean-Francois

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