SOA and WebSphere Process Integration Education – Day 3

Yesterday was pretty demanding in terms of brain cycles – I went through numerous labs showing the various facets of WebSphere Integration Developer (WID). Now, I’m no (serious) programmer, so while the SOA concepts aren’t that difficult to understand, the hidden complexity to WID is mesmorizing. There are so many options everywhere… I would not know what’s needed to build a solution. But I’m a newbie to this, so it’s probably normal.

For those of you that already have a copy of WID, isn’t the UI incredible? I mean, it’s slick, smooth, responsive.. nothing like our first attempts at using the Eclipse 2.x stream a few years ago in WebSphere Studio.

I’ve now learnt a lot more on the various activities that make up a process, and the various properties and settings that the various artefacts offer. But there’s so much left to dig in, and there’s documentation galore on these topics. Well, I’ve got to go back and finish off day 4, I’ve got a few presentations left to go through and possible some more wiki updating.

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