Putting my T40 to its knees

Yeah, I know, not exactly difficult, but here’s what my laptop is doing right now:

  1. Shrinking a VMware image of Linux and WebSphere, while using 1Gb RAM
  2. Compressing a 1.8Gb VMware folder using 7yz and the Ultra mode
  3. Sending a 2Gb file using WinSCP to my linux box at the office
  4. Running the usual suspects: Lotus Notes, Sametime, Tivoli CPD, Avaya Softphone and other productivity gimmicks

So my CPU has been pegged at 100% for the last hour and a half or so and my RAM usage is at 1.8Gb (on a max of 2Gb). At this point, blogging and a few other no-cpu intensive things are the only things I can do. Probably a good time to hit the books and get more current with some of our recent WebSphere offerings…

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