Travel to Germany – Day 2

Well, after the first day’s excitement, I had great plans and expectations for the 2nd day. I was looking at maps and was very (too) ambitious for the distance I’d cover. I initially wanted to visit Belgium, Luxembourg and see a castle – in one day! Well, that never happened. I finally settled for Heidelberg, which I was told by the hotel waiter was a very nice city, and there was a castle!

Problem is my body decided we’d get a late start as it needed rest. I woke up at 10’ish, quickly prepared and left for the day in my little beamer. After a pitstop for coffee and snacks, I was all ready for the road ahead. I quickly realized that there’s a reason why Germans can drive fast on their highways: there is nothing to look at from the highway! They have rows of trees on each side, which I presume minimzes distractions as well as provide a sound screen for neighbouring villages. So, in Germany, do like the Germans. And I drove fast and tried to get to my destination in time to enjoy the sights.

The Schloss (castle) was very nice, and so was the funicular ride to get there. I also went all the way up to Konigstul, where you have a magnificient view of the city and it’s massive church and other monuments. I then rode the funicular back to the city level, and looked at the various shops and also tried to find something to eat. A kebab and a water bottle later, I was ready to come back to Dusseldorf. Driving at night was tough at first (because you can’t go as fast and you need to pay more attention to the road. The fatigue was kicking in as well. After the 1st 50km, I was good again, and once at the hotel, relaxed a little and started preparing for the study week ahead.

In the days ahead, I’ll share some of the good information I get through the sessions. Expect short, consise tidbits, as I try blogging live from the classes themselves.

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