More professional education this week!

After a full week of WebSphere fun in Germany, I’m merely back that I get another full day in Montreal. This is an event where technical professionals such as IT Specialists, IT Architects and Project Managers come to listen to elective sessions, as well as share their experience and pains of dealing with technology. The presentations are high-level, in the sense that we are talking about SOA, methodologies, process management and of course, career advancement.

IBM is actually a pretty cool company for that, providing many resources for employees to educate themselves and move up in their career path. Of course, that requires that you spend some time researching, investigating and reading. There are even career coaches, assesments and other tools to help us get a better idea of where we could go in big blue.

So while it was another 11-hr day at the office, I think it was time well spent. I’ve made a few contacts and have some ideas as to what my next steps are for my career.

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