Chicago Hotel Room is Reeeally Nice…

When first trying to reserve a room near the downtown Hyatt Center in downtown Chicago, I was shocked to hear that a room could cost me approx $450/night. I first thought it was for the 3 nights, but the hotel desk made it clear that was only ONE night… Ouch!

But the same hotel chain was able to provide me a room on the 20th floor, with a fantastic lakeshore view, for 1/3 the price. Hotel economics, I’ll never understand. Here are some shots of the room, which easily ranks in my Top5 hotel rooms of all time.

* Shots now available, since the Sandisk tech support came back to me within 24hrs… wow!

This is the room. Nice use of woods, metals and zen decor.

The 40′ plasma TV is an appreciated touch.

The view of the Chicago Pier is simply spectacular…

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