I’ve jus downloaded a web analyzer tool to take a closer look at my web stats. Not much surprise, except for the following discoveries:

  • United States visitorship explains most of the growth and traffic (85%), while Canada is stable (10%)… (I’m Canadian, snif…)
  • Bloglines accounts for most of the visitors (1,027), with Microsoft in 2nd place (610)
  • A site called 0 (that’s a zero) comes in 3rd place for referrals (what this means, I have no clue)
  • Keyword-wise, arseneault is closely followed by ibm and websphere

It’s nice to check these things once in a while, but let’s not get crazy with stats. I’m not about to change my content or optimize my website(s) for this. Word of mouth, after all, is the best marketing.

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