SOA and WebSphere Process Integration Education

For the next four days, I will be attending the SOA and WebSphere Process Integration V6 eSTEW. This is so I can help my fellow IBMers and you (Partners and Clients) as you call for information on our new product line. I like attending classes, even virtual ones. But I do have a short attention span, which I will happily blame on working in the IT industry. Because we need to multitask, because time to delivery is constantly shortened, because everyone needs instant gratification in this post-industrial world…

I’ve still got a bunch of topics I want to expose this week, not the least of which is starting to look at how Oracle is positionning itself with its recent series of acquisitions…. should be fun… a real business-type analysis, a first for me.

All right, gotta run, and start downloading the VMware images I’ll need to go through the class!

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