WikidPad successor is called … EverNote

After having tried for a week to adapt, this desktop wiki just ain’t working for me. I already run MediaWiki on a server, so I know wikis. But the whole notion of interlinking my notes doesn’t seem to hold, given that most of what I wanted (I realize now) was a way to take notes and search them fast, as well as the occassional web clipping for future blog entries.

But EverNote, which I had tried in the past, is just what I needed – I think. It’s an endless tape to store notes. I can assign manual categories to any note, and given certain attributes, it can also get tagged automatically with certain categories (i.e. show me all the notes containing the word ‘WebSphere’). It also now offers both an IE and Firefox plugin so I can capture anything I see VERY quickly and get on with my day. It’ll auto-categorize it as a web clipping.

The whole thing feels very natural and quick, and the interface is light-years ahead of wikidpad, if tha’s important to you (to me, it is).

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