Been trying to study all week-end…

Well, it’s been one of those week-ends where there just never was some time to stop, pick up the (Red)books and study a little.

Didn’t help that my wife was away for her xmas staff party for two days, that I had both kids to entertain/take care of, and that house chores don’t take care of themselves. When my wife finally came back, she got one of those nasty throat infection, and essentially stayed in bed. So I got another patient loved one to take care of.

It’s now Sunday night, and I’ve managed to read about 25 pages, which isn’t much considering the 3 redbooks (1, 2, 3) I wanted to go through in December total 2,825 pages …

Now, if my baby boy would only go to sleep, I could resume reading and get a few pages closer to my objective for today.

And don’t you start telling me I could be reading instead of writting on my blog – did you ever try reading WAS technical stuff while watching your kid bob up and down like mad on those baby jumper things?

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