Reinstalled Gallery2 from scratch

After reading around the forums, trying to upgrade to 2.0.2 and decyphering the content of some of my MySQL tables, I decided the scratch the whole install, delete the MySQL tables and install a fresh new copy of 2.0.2. I kept my pics on the server (I have close to a000), and I’m in the process of changing to a new integrated theme between my family’s blog (WordPress-powered, have to update it to 2.0 as well) and Gallery2. Once done, I will probably have wasted a good 5 hours making it happen.

Update: This is not my lucky week: it now seems that my Pictures folder in OS X has been corrupted and I’ll have to semi-manually rebuild my local iPhoto album. Luckily, I have some recent backups, but man, this is taking me time. I’m not used to having stuff crash – after all, I’m not running on Windows…

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