WebSphere Products that are not in the WebSphere pillar

First, let me explain what’s a pillar. For anyone that’s delt with IBM, like any large organizations, we have different teams that handle different product sets. This allows us to become specialists over a smaller number of products, which in turn helps you get answers quicker when you call us for support.

I’m part of the WebSphere pillar, if that wasn’t clear. In Software Techline, which supports both IBMers and the Business Partner channel, we also have the Lotus, Rational, Tivoli and DB2 pillars.

Why do I say some WebSphere  products don’t belong with my team? Well, over the last few years, we’ve made many acquisitions in different market segments, and some products are confusingly enough brought to market with WebSphere in their marketing name. The reason is that those products typically have a role to play into our SOA vision. That’s fine.

But for any of you that call IBM for help, I figured I’d create a small list of the products bearing the WebSphere name and the real pillar they report to for support, so you waste one less phone redirection on your next call…


  • WebSphere Content Discovery Server
  • WebSphere Customer Center
  • WebSphere Data Integration Suite
  • WebSphere DataStage (Ascential acquisition)
  • WebSphere DataStage TX (Ascential acquisition)
  • WebSphere Information Integrator
  • WebSphere ProfileStage (Ascential acquisition)
  • WebSphere QualityStage (Ascential acquisition)


  • WebSphere Portal Server
  • WebSphere Portlet Factory (Bowstreet acquisition)

So now, armed with this list, you should be able to get the information you want faster, as you’ll now know where to look for, as opposed to looking on WebSphere websites.

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