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Archive pour février 2006

Scuttle or having your very own

I know I’ve talked about this before, but Scuttle is very quickly becoming an essential part of my computing environment. Just recently, as I switched hosting server, I was having a problem with the Scuttlelicious extension, and couldn’t bookmark stuff. Not fun. The latest version (0.6) now offers: more translations tag clouds caching observable speed…

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Putting my T40 to its knees

Yeah, I know, not exactly difficult, but here’s what my laptop is doing right now: Shrinking a VMware image of Linux and WebSphere, while using 1Gb RAM Compressing a 1.8Gb VMware folder using 7yz and the Ultra mode Sending a 2Gb file using WinSCP to my linux box at the office Running the usual suspects:…

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Accessing WebSphere Process Server 6.0 from PHP

What’s really cool with the IBM Software stack is that as more and more of our products use industry standards, they can be used in new ways (i.e. not only using pure J2EE programming which can be frightening to the uninitiated). Example is this new IBM developerWorks article entitled Access WebSphere Process Server V6.0 business…

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Changing web hosting provider is involving

I’ve finally (I think) switched over completely from web hosting provider. Wow. Didn’t think there’d be so much to learn in such a short time. In all, I think the site was offline for 2 days or so. During that time (evening and nights, really), I had to master cPanel, Web Host Manager and a…

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About IBM, acronyms and going overboard

Whenever we come out with a new product, I don’t know who decides on naming conventions, but things can get ugly. Well, not as much as what IT Jungle recently wrote on our product (they love the product, they just don’t dig the name) in their IBM Weaves Together HATS and WebFacing Tools article: As…

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