We are (ok my wife is) creating a scrapbook for our son and needs a bunch of pictures (and some to give the grand-parents).

Since we’ve gone digital, and don’t have prints available all the time, we typically print them on my Canon i850 color inkjet. But for large runs, it’s always better/cheaper to send to a photolab.

In Canada, that means $0.19 a picture (4×6 size). I used their online java-based interface without thinking too much, only to realize (once the upload starte) that I was uploading approx 325Mb worth of pictures !!!

That’s 249 photos using my Canon G1 3.2 megapixel at full resolution (I always shoot at max quality, sometimes even in RAW).

Anyway, I can now walk away from the computer for a few hours, while it does its thing. Let’s hope they have enough room on the server on the other end!

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