From ZDNet News:

IBM is jumping into the podcast stream by creating Internet radio shows on technology trends and encouraging its employees to create their own podcasts. The move comes less than six months after the company launched an initiative to encourage its more than 300,000 employees to write blogs… The most recent podcast, « IBM and the Future of Banking, » was ranked No. 55 out of more than 20,000 podcasts posted to Apple Computer’s iTunes system, IBM said.

I think this is a great thing. I’m not sure I want to invest myself in audio recording at this point, since it’s a lot more work to make something sound half-decent, but it’s very true that we have step-by-step instructions on our intranet on how to create podcats, using software such as LAME and audacity. And if we need more help, there are wikis and teams internally to assist us.

IBM is changing rapidly, and I find that it’s embracing new technologies faster and faster, lately.

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