GDS 2 now supports multiple Notes databases

Well, thanks to Google, I now have the-mother-of-all-search-engines in Google Desktop Search for Enterprise V2. It now sports the same sidebar (if you’re into that) as the regular Desktop Search Version 2, but includes the security.

One of my gripes with the previous Enteprise edition, as I had previously discussed on this blog, was that we could only index a single Lotus Notes database. Well, that’s fine for SMB customers, but at IBM, like many enterprise customers, we use multiple email databases for local archiving and removing attachments, so that our working set is smaller and therefore reduces our needs in online email storage requirements (can you imagine 320,000 employees with 1-2 Gb mailboxes and the resulting storage reqs!?!). Here’s a screenshot of the new GDSfE V2:

I’m personally not a big fan of the sidebar as my Thinkpad only has a 1024×768 resolution, so I’ve settled on the floating Deskbar, which does everything I need, with as little space as possible. Now, it’s probably going to be indexing until tomorrow, but I’m happy. Finally, the software does exactly what I need. One single point of search from now on. Fan-tas-tic!

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