March aka end of quarter madness

It’s been a very busy months. Personal projects at home, ibm projects at the office. Many things to set in place early in the year, so that I can breathe a little easier later.

Q1 at IBM is always so much about planning and executing, which is a difficult balance to achieve. I’m still very much in it, which explains the lack pf regular posting, compounded with the vacation time, where I made very sure I would limit my exposure to technology, if at all possible. I mean, why go near the beach, if you’re gonna lug around some technology that means you can’t hit the water, for fear of getting it stolen…

And finally, the dilemma of the month: my Sony Clie T665C is slowly starting to die. I’ve been considering moving to a Treo 650, which would offer a lot of goodies on top of my trusty Palm OS, but now, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t wait as new models should be coming out in May (Hollywood, Lowrider).

Ahhhhh, gadgets…

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