Gregarius and optimal feed reading solution

I’ve just taken another step to living on the edge by moving my feed reading to the edge.

I’ve used Gregarius to move my feed-reading to my personal domain where I’ve uploaded both my home’s iMac feedlist (using NetNewsWire Lite) and my work environment (using RSS Bandit), minus my internal IBM w3 feeds.

Like my bookmarks and my wiki-like information which I’ve also moved to the edge, my feeds are now going the same way. Now, be careful (not to sound paternalistic, but listen on), make sure you do backups. Often. Very often. Very frick’in often. I lived an episode where my hosting provider lost all my SQL databases for a short period of time. That really sucks. Let’s put you in the situation:

  • It’s 2 am , you’re finishing some changes on a friend’s website you’re hosting and you’re getting an « Can’t communicate with your mysql database » error
  • You send an email to the hosting provider and it’s never fast enought, because, well, it’s email support after all…
  • Email support gets back to you with an answer, you like it, but don’t feel like they answered all that zillion questions you asked in the first place.
  • You finally see your databases back up, but feel somewhat weary of them being there for real.

Can I share with you that as soon as I was confirmed that my hosting was bacj up and normally operating, I ran backups. On all my accounts.

And once those full backups were done on my linux hosting provider, I downloaded them and copied them on 3 different drives. And I sleep very well now. When your friends depend on you for their websites, make sur eyou don’t takr their confidence lightly. I now run weekly backups, copy them to various devices, and automate them as much as I can to that they don’t eat up in my daily schedule.

The point is, be careful. As you move more of your info to the edge of the network, the probability of having that sytem go down raises. I run an OS X system at home which only reboot when Apple requires me to, i.e. every 6-8 weeks. My hosting provider reboots more often that I do…

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