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Archive pour octobre 2005

Oracle To Offer A Free Database

« By introducing a free entry-level product, Oracle intends to get more developers and students familiar with its namesake database, Mendelsohn said. Those customers, Oracle hopes, will eventually upgrade to a higher-end version. » [Via ZDNet News] I wonder what this means for IBM’s DB2 Express. Or should we consider we already have an offering…

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8 weeks to go for 2005

With only 8 weeks to go to 4Q and 2005, it’s time to work on those remaining todos that I’ve been procrastinating for the last few months. Some of the items, like product certification and cleaning up my team’s knowledge base on WebSphere should prove quite entertaining as I stare at the deadline… When you’ve…

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More opensource utilities

Lately, I’ve been expanding the number of opensource software I use. First of all, I was invited to Flock (like a zillion other people, most likely). The browser is essentially a stripped-down Firefox, with different add-ons built into the browser. Actually, I’m using the Blog Tool component right now to edit this post, and it’s…

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Using Rational Application Developer in real life

I have been reading Ed Gibbs’ Musings of a Software Development Manager for a little while now and if you’d like to know what it feels like to develop and especially manage a team of developer as they transition to using our tools, you need to check his blog too. While RAD does many things…

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More spam attacks have me react

I’m not used to being a target of malware, since I’m running OS X at home and at work, Big Blue takes care of making my workstation pretty much full-proof automatically, even though it’s running on Win XP. But my wiki, based on MediaWiki, has been the target of attacks every day for a week…

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