Confluence and Performancing

Since I can’t go on for too long without trying some pet projects, I thought I’d give a whirl to Confluence, which is now just out with its V2 of its wiki engine. I’ll try installing it on WAS 6 (duh), so I’ve now got a brand spankin’ new VMware image to try this in. I’m not sure if I’ll go with MySQL, Cloudscape or DB2 yet – I’ll have to check the specs and figure out hard this could/will be.

If it works, I may add it to my internal demo laptop to showcase publicly available J2EE applications (they’re really few and far between).

Oh, and I’ve decided to give Performancing a go for this entry, and see if their WYSIWYG works as advertised. My requirements aren’t very complex, but up to now, the simplicity of it and the User Interface are quite nice… refreshing actually.

I may actually start liking these AJAX / GreaseMonkey / new-fandangled applications after all… 😉

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