Scuttle or having your very own

I know I’ve talked about this before, but Scuttle is very quickly becoming an essential part of my computing environment.

Just recently, as I switched hosting server, I was having a problem with the Scuttlelicious extension, and couldn’t bookmark stuff. Not fun. The latest version (0.6) now offers:

  • more translations
  • tag clouds
  • caching
  • observable speed increases
  • filetype and media tags
  • the usual load of bug fixes
  • and a whole heap of other nice things

There are also some CSS styles we can apply to change the UI, although I do like it the way it is for now. Finally, an official Firefox extension has been created which supports tagging from right-clicking a page, and provides 2 toolbar items to quickly access your bookmarks or tag a page. Niiiice….

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