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Archive pour août 2005

Pushing the envelope on Online Photo Processing

We are (ok my wife is) creating a scrapbook for our son and needs a bunch of pictures (and some to give the grand-parents). Since we’ve gone digital, and don’t have prints available all the time, we typically print them on my Canon i850 color inkjet. But for large runs, it’s always better/cheaper to send…

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More new gear: Airport Extreme & Mighty Mouse

Well, it’s been one of those weeks where lots of new gear seems to show (or I was procrastinating their purchase, quite possible). Anyway, after reading a few reviews, I figured I was due for a new mouse and then comes along the Mighty Mouse from Apple. I’ve installed it and will say it’s nice,…

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Moving away from paper… completely

With a 1-2 punch of freeware and business application, I’ve been able to move completely away from paper for note-taking, phone messages, etc. I used to assign keys to Notepad (CTRL-SHIFT-N) and WordPad (CTRL-SHIFT-W) when answering the phone, but had to be quick on the keyboard. Up until yesterday, I was still using a piece…

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Lotus Notes & Zen Minimalist

I’ve started using Lotus Notes ever since I joined IBM in 1996. Back then, we were still running a package called OV/VM which provided email, calendaring and network filing capabilities. I come from the GUI generation if you didn’t know yet. While I’m starting to appreciate the power of a console and scripting, give me a…

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Wireless is fun, after all

Funny how running untethered to a CAT5 cable can really opens up possibilities. After only a few hours yesterday of installing my shiny new wireless router, I could connect to my work VPN from downstairs while watching the kids, change stuff on my OS X box using SSH and modify a file or two off…

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