Reinstalled Gallery2 from scratch

After reading around the forums, trying to upgrade to 2.0.2 and decyphering the content of some of my MySQL tables, I decided the scratch the whole install, delete the MySQL tables and install a fresh new copy of 2.0.2. I kept my pics on the server (I have close to a000), and I’m in the…

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Eclipse-based blogging client

I’m always on the lookout for applications that make use of the Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform). I’m curious to see how far some people can push that framework, and whether the apps are useable or not. I already knew of Owl, the RSS reader. This one is called jBlogEditor and seems to provide a…

Lire la suite also gets the boot

Well, like many others, I’ve been really bogged down by the frequent power outages of I’d been looking for an alternative on SourceForge, but to no avail. Then, I discovered Scuttle earlier today, installed it, imported my feed and killed my account ther, just like I did for Google. The Scuttle user interface…

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Moving to NVU for WYSIWYG web editing

I think I’ve finally found something I’d been looking for a long time: a decent WYSIWYG editor that’s cross-platform and works well. NVU is very well featured and relatively small to download, which is always a bonus, as I hate bloatware. That’s another one to make my opensource list of keepers for 2006.

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Simplifying my email experience

After canning my Gmail account, I decided to clean up my act and start using my domain -provided email capability more intelligently. I re-installed Thunderbird on my Thinkpad and configured it to connect using the IMAP protocol. I did the same on my Mac, and enabled automatic synchonization, that way, any changes local or remote…

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